Hot Topic

Global warming has progressed in the past few years from conjecture, to suspicion, to cold hard fact. We now know for sure that in every inhabited continent on Earth, year by year and decade by decade, the world’s temperature is rising. Should we care? After all, changes like this are nothing new to the ever-evolving Earth.

But this time is different. Human civilization has never before been faced with a climate that is changing this fast, or this furiously. The threat has become urgent. Also, of course, the amount of information about the problem has multiplied uncontrollably: It has become almost impossible to know what really matters.

THE HOT TOPIC offers a concise guide to the whole issue. In this one-stop handbook, we explain the science of the problem, the possible technological solutions, and the politics that will affect our efforts. The book lays out what we can and should do, with no spin, no agenda, and no exaggeration. We are neither activists nor politicians, and we are not offering a generic green call to arms. Instead we propose specific ideas to fix a very specific problem.

We also don’t believe this is a story that has to have an unhappy ending. Global warming is a serious problem, perhaps the most serious that the human race has ever faced. But we can still do something about it. And this book shows how.


  • "In a world full of misinformation, The Hot Topic is a beacon of clarity."

    AL GORE, joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 and author of An Inconvenient Truth
  • “With the clarity that Gore rightly commends they do a fine job of setting out the issues… a material gain for the axis of good.”

    The Sunday Times
  • 'A model of clarity, comprehensiveness and, above all, sanity. It truly does find a middle ground in the climate debate - and in the process, probably counts as the single most important book on the subject'

    New Scientist
  • 'Do we really need yet another mass-market climate-change book? When it is this good, unequivocally yes. ... The Hot Topic has an authoritative clarity that scythes through the junk science and brushes aside the brigades of doom-mongers and overly earnest environmentalists ...The search for a climate-change equivalent of Silent Spring is over'

  • 'King and Walker bring clarity, insight and authority to the subject ... Crucially, this book is not authored by eco-warriors, but by pragmatists, who care about understanding the science, examining the problems, and looking for technological and political solutions'

    Simon Singh, Daily Telegraph
  • "A masterful book, wonderfully well-written. It should become the authoritative statement on climate change and what to do about it for years to come."

    James Lovelock, author of The Revenge of Gaia
  • "This is a fantastic book. It’s just what the world needs right now."

    Tim Flannery, author of The Weather Makers
  • “An incisive look at global warming… Practical, detailed, and authoritative—essential reading.”

    Kirkus Reviews
  • “Entertaining as well as deadly serious, this lucid book, which includes an appendix that dispels many myths and misconceptions, explains in the clearest possible way why we should care about global warming and what we can do about it.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “This is the best overview of global warming that this reviewer has read… What is most valuable about this book is that the text clearly explains to lay readers a very complex and highly controversial topic.”

    Library Journal